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We specialize in Digital Marketing strategies that generate leads and help you build a profitable online presence. 

We're not your average marketing agency.

we want to raise the bar in the beauty industry by helping you create

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I started as a licensed cosmetologist with a passion to make a difference in the beauty industry. After finishing beauty school I watched several salons, spas, and gym owners struggle to bring in consistent leads and customers while also serving their current customers. They were beyond excellent in their craft, but struggle to run the business side of things.

Instead of using my beauty license to style hair or paint nails, I have used it to work with business owners in the beauty and wellness industries to create a beautiful, cohesive online presence, and a bigger impact in their local communities so they can successfully grow their business. 

As a premier Northern Virginia-based website design and marketing company, She Speaks Brave Media has created and continues to nurture a multi-channel digital marketing boutique agency with super creative proficiency in all things marketing-related. From industry-leading digital design to maximized marketing strategies, our goal is to actualize the client’s needs and desires delivering bottom-line results and superior ROI.

We do our best to launch unique, beautiful, and high-converting websites, SEO enhancements, and revenue-driving marketing strategies supported by branded social media campaigns that accelerate lead generation and customer acquisition. 

Leave the how-to’s of digital marketing and design to us and get back to the craft you love!

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How We're Different

Why you Shouldn’t or Should Choose Us

We’re not a good fit for everyone. To avoid wasting your time and money only to leave you feeling disappointed in the end, here are a few reasons why you might not like working with us. At the same time, our happiest clients all have a few things in common, so if our reasons why you should make sense to you, then you’ll probably be happy too.

What we do takes time. Nobody wants to hear it, but creating a strong brand and profitable results, we need to build solid foundations. To some extent, you have to view digital marketing as an investment. If you expect inquiries to be overflowing within the first month or two, we’re probably not a good fit for each other. However, some lead generation campaigns do have a good quick and initial influx of leads.

To put it bluntly, we are a marketing agency, not your tech support team. We assume you have a basic understanding of technology and can handle simple tasks like setting up email on your phone and following step-by-steo instructions when needed.

Feel the momentum that is created by having a never ending source of leads eager to do business with you and you alone.

If you have the processes and systems in place to take on new customers, you can count on us to send them your way. In the past, we’ve even had to pause advertising campaigns because they delivered more leads than the business could handle. Sounds like a good problem to have, right?

We design websites to get your business leads and look nice, in that order. When people design websites to look fancy and then get leads, they miss out on business opportunities. If you want to turn down jobs or clients, that’s totally up to you. We just don’t want your website deciding that first.

Digital marketing agencies tend to pop up and blow away like dandelions in the wind. If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner for the long haul, you can trust us. We’ve been doing this for years and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

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