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your website

Every business owner’s main goal is to get more business and to do that you need more leads. That is why it is important that you market your business, right? Whether it’s time or money, you invest in social media, paid advertising, paid search, lead gen campaigns, SEO, and even cold calling or messaging. Sometimes you see great results, but sometimes you just don’t – no matter what you try.

Here’s the thing. You’re putting yourself out there, building traction and if you’re all in, doing all the things at a pace that feels like it’s going to reach burnout, but you’re just not getting the leads you feel like you should be getting – it generally boils down to one thing.

Your website.

We tend to try many different marketing strategies first. If we build the followers, if we get the likes, if we’re showing up – that’s all great. But more than likely, you’re sending them back to your website OR they are wondering who you are and go looking for your website.

The reality of it is this: If you’re having a problem with leads, the first thing you need to do is fix your website.

If everything else is working, it’s likely your website is where your leads are getting stuck. Or maybe you’re just starting out and building your foundations, keep this in mind.

I’m sure this is no news to you, but it takes a LOT of time and money to generate enough interest in your business to get them to come over to your website. It quickly becomes a waste of money if they get there and it’s outdated or pieced together or the messaging is too confusing.

So, what actually gets the traffic to my site to turn into leads and new customers?

You’ve got seven seconds to get a potential lead’s attention. Seven seconds is about the time it takes for a visitor to make a decision on if they’re going to stick around or not. The reality is that most people will not stick around – so you really need to make sure your website is on point if you’re going to turn them into a lead.

First, make sure you aren’t using any confusing language or works that you THINK will make you sound smart. We say “think” because, in reality, all that jargon, insider language, and weird acronyms might be standard in your industry – but that’s not always who is buying your product, they don’t understand that stuff.

Second, make sure it’s set up for the scanners. People don’t read a website – they scan it. Short, declarative sentences and having your home page lead them on the journey to your destination (a clear button, ie., book a call).

Last, make sure your design is updated. I hate to say it, but people will pass over an outdated website and will instead choose a business whose website is updated and better looking. Bad design hurts your messaging, but a good design really amplifies your messaging.

Think about it, when you are choosing a place to go, let’s say a hair salon, when you check out their website and you see a clean, fresh, new design you are more likely to choose them because you equate that newer website design with modern and updated stylists.

The internet changes fast and so do people’s tastes. Gone are the days you can design a website and leave it for the next ten years. A redesign is probably best every 5 years, max to keep it fresh and in line with your target customer.

Take a look at your website

If you feel like you aren’t getting the leads you want, then take a serious look at your website, give yourself seven seconds, and ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What do you do? (what would someone google)
  2. How will it make my life better? (value proposition)
  3. How do I get it (Call To Action – CTA – button, book a call)

If you can’t clearly answer those questions then it’s time to fix it up. Whether it’s a complete redesign or just come tweaking, it might be the most valuable marketing decision you make in 2023.

Not sure where to start – book a call and we can give you some of our best tips.

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